Word Processing

Word Processing - Virtual AssistantsDocument, Word Processing, Spreadsheet Services

No need for you to take a computer class to learn how to make a pivot table or spreadsheet to help you organize your customer’s orders. Let’s work together to create all the branded documents needed to help your business run smoothly.

Newsletter Creation, Distribution

Whether you need a Newsletter to inform your customers, employees or investors, we can guide you through this or design it for you. No run-on’s here, we’ll get to the point to ensure your message gets out there. A newsletter can be printed and mailed, or distributed through email to your audience. Either way, we have you covered.  #wehaveaVA4that

Media, Public Announcements – Word Processing

Public service announcements (PSA’s) are a vital part of media to convey important messages. The idea is to generate awareness for critical issues, change the public view or behavior on a particular topic, or relay an important change in business management. We will also connect with the local media outlets to ensure that your PSA reaches the right channels.

Power Point Presentations

A presentation created in Power Point can either make or break you. Too much information will not get read, and too little information will make your audience lose interest fast. We will work with you to create the best presentation to ensure it’s simple, high quality, and has a good mix of visual graphics. We can also provide you with a simple script you could either follow during your presentation or use as a reference piece.

Mail Merge, Bulk Mailings – Word Processing

If you are needing to send a message to a large amount of people at once, a mail merge is the best way to go. You give us the content, and we will create the mailing list and send it out. Now wasn’t that easy?

Promo Materials, Business Cards, Flyers

From striking flyers, promotions, and door hangers, to coupons, magazine ads, and business cards that rock, we have your promotional design and printing covered. Even in this world where digital media seems to be taking over, there are still some things that are more effective in print. For example, your business card is the first impression of your brand, and it indicates that you are prepared and on top of your game. Business cards still remain the best way to exchange contact information and to spread the word of your business. Let us create your promotional material that highlights just how awesome your business is.


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