Will You KonMari Me?

Have you been hit with the KonMari bug?

The newest Netflix documentary series featuring Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo, helps people de-clutter and clean their homes while finding joy in organizing.

Although the show takes you through many people’s homes as they work with Kondo, it had me thinking about my workspace. As a virtual assistant, I take on various work projects from many different businesses, all at different times. Keeping it organized is one of my favourite things to do as I love having many things on the go. At any one point, I can pull out a folder and tell you exactly where the project is and when its projected to be done. It’s been a personal strength of mine to have the ability to take a step back, look at the big picture, but also know what is happening at any point.

My home is usually in this state as well. Someone once told me that when they are expecting company, they “don’t clean their house for others”. But for me, I don’t clean my house for others either, I clean my house for myself. Clutter and disorganization tend to make me anxious and it doesn’t allow me to think clearly. Yes, it may take some extra time, but I am happier and more effective when my home and workspace are in order. It creates a space for me to feel comfortable, productive and creative.

How is your workspace? Is it clean, organized and free from distractions? Are your important papers filed away so that they are easily accessible at a moments notice? Is your e-mail box clean and organized with folders and follow-up flags? Are your personal goals and business goals visible along with your company’s goal and mission statement? These are important things to help you think clearly in your job. Having order in your workspace allows for the creative juices to flow and a clearer vision of where your business is going.

As a clean, crisp shirt says you take your professional appearance, so does that of a clean, organized and inviting office. Don’t always schedule your meetings at coffee shops because you are embarrassed about what potential clients might think of your workspace. Invite them in so that they get a sense that you mean business and that your image is as important to as their business is to you. Have the total clarity and confidence to make bold, strategic decisions about your business and be proud of it.

Marie Kondo is a professional in her field and a woman who gets excited about “mess!”, it’s a great read to learn her ways of KonMari. However, if it’s a little overwhelming at first and if you and your workspace is in need of a professional tidy session, #wehaveaVA4that. Our clean team of VA’s will come into your workspace and help you find joy in organizing your office so that you are able to function at a higher capacity in your work day and not worry about the mess around you.

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