What is a VA – Virtual Assistant ?

What Is A VA - Complete Synergy SolutionsWhat is a VA? A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a professional business partner who will tackle the administrative aspects of your business. This will allow you to either focus on the tasks that are revenue generating, or provide you with a much needed life balance.

We are highly skilled and not only can we work off-site, virtually, but we can meet in person as well. Our skills go beyond the services offered and we will work to find a solution to your specific needs, even if it means searching for a complementary service within another organization.

Diving Into Tasks – What is a VA

When you ask “What is a VA”, know that we will help you leverage your time by teaching you to delegate, and assisting you every step of the way. After the application process, you will be matched with a VA (or VA’s) that meet the needs of your business.

Our VA’s are independent contractors who work from their own home-based offices and are geographically located all over North America and Australia. Most VA’s communicate with their clients using phone, skype, FaceTime, email, or in-person.

What is a VA and What do We Do for you? We succeed when you succeed, so we are in this together.

10 Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Take Off Your To-Do List TODAY!
1- Schedule your meetings and appointments straight into your calendar
2- Build your next newsletter campaign
3- Clear out and organize your inbox
4- Design and maintain your new company website
5- Organize your next event
6- Transcribe your notes or podcast
7- Create and manage social media accounts
8- Research and book flights and/or accommodation for your upcoming trip
9- Tackle your personal errand list (purchasing gifts for family, sending flowers, etc.)
10- Filter and answer comments on your blog

BONUS: When You Ask “What is a VA”; we are giving you back the peace of mind that you don’t have to do it all yourself!


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