You Got To Start Somewhere

You Got To Start Somewhere Over the past couple weeks, I have the opportunity to work with some local youth in developing their resumes and cover letters, to apply for their first jobs. As a human resources professional, with many years hiring employees of various experiences, I thought this would be a straightforward job. AfterContinue reading

Will You KonMari Me?

Will You KonMari Me? Have you been hit with the KonMari bug? The newest Netflix documentary series featuring Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo, helps people de-clutter and clean their homes while finding joy in organizing. Although the show takes you through many people’s homes as they work with Kondo, it had me thinking about myContinue reading

You Can Do Anything; But Not Everything

You Can Do Anything; But Not Everything How many times were you told while growing up that “if you work hard, you can do anything”? So, you started working. Then you hated working for someone else, so you started your own business. Then you couldn’t help yourself but to take on everything because you thoughtContinue reading

Don’t Let Your Business Run You

Don’t Let Your Business Run You As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to become overrun by your own business. You constantly feel the pressure to succeed and handle all the problems yourself. You have a vision and feel as if you are the only one that can get things done. You want to expand and grow yourContinue reading

We Are All Entrepreneurs

We Are All Entrepreneurs Ever since I was young kid I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to be in charge, to have people look up to me, and to have a recognized brand that people would just say WOW when they heard who I represented. I would hear people say “our business”, “myContinue reading

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