Virtual Assistants : About Complete Synergy

Years of experience: 16+
Position: Owner

Virtual Assistants - Complete Synergy SolutionsTasha created Complete Synergy Solutions, Virtual Assistants, to provide business consulting for small businesses. She provides the leadership and forward thinking that has gotten us this far. With management and administration experience stemming from fast paced corporation to municipal government, creative solutions have become her passion.

Always wanting to help others succeed, Tasha enjoyed training, developing and sharing her knowledge in various environments. “Raising protégé’s up to become their best”, is what led Tasha to pursue education in human resources. A deep understanding of the importance of wellness is what led Tasha to further her education and career in recreation.

The Virtual Assistants Passion

An intuitive and creative thinker, Tasha’s passion lies in community development and marketing. She believes that when people share their talents in a collective action, they can generate solutions to common problems. Everyone has something they are passionate about, and by coming together to share these skills, it creates a sense of wellbeing in the community and workplace. Thus, Complete Synergy was born. Tasha enjoys working with entrepreneurs because they have the passion and drive about their service or product and, with a little assistance, they really can be successful businesses.


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