Special Event Planning

Business Meetings
Our VA’s will research the available meeting space in your area that fits your needs and budget. Let us arrange all the small details, such as refreshments, etc., to ensure a successful meeting. We can also work with you to set the agenda, distribute the required materials, and even provide a secretary to record the minutes, if needed.

Weddings / Anniversaries
Our VA’s will research and contact all the event vendors for your special day. We will do all the research and present the availability and prices for all your options for the perfect wedding, anniversary or large event. We will take care of all the time-consuming and undesirable parts of the planning, while making sure the important meetings, which you are required to attend, are scheduled in your calendar.

Trade Shows
Our VA’s can help coordinate your next trade show to ease your work-load at the office. We can create the banners and materials to make your booth stand out from the crowd and ensure that the message or product you are trying to deliver leaves a lasting impression on possible future clients. We will give you suggestions on the best way to promote your product or service, while making a lasting impact on the interactions you make. Our VA’s will arrange your payment, transportation, meals and advertising with the organizers to ensure that your trade show appearance is a successful one.

Special Event Planning

Seminars and Conferences

Speaker, and MC booking and contact
We will research and deliver a key-note speaker or MC that will add the meat to your next event. Your attendees will leave impressed and awaiting the next event you put together. We will take care of checking the sources, the payments, the fine details, and all the details in between.

Create attendee and guests lists
Your guest list is more than scribbling names on a pad of paper and hoping they get the message to show up. In this diverse environment, your special guests should reflect the message you are trying to relate and the audience in which they are speaking to. Our VA’s will work with you each step of the way to help determine the attendees you want to target and the special guests you want to attend.

Registration Sign up
The way you decide to handle your registration process plays an important role in the success of your event. If an attendee has a bad experience when trying to purchase a ticket, they will perceive the event as unorganized and may even decide not to attend. The easier, the better and the less headaches suffered later. Our VA’s will work with you to create an online registration system to be shared on your website and easily promoted.
Gift, Meal, and Transportation Planning
From swag bags, entertainment, and banquet planning, our VA will make sure that every detail is covered. We will arrange transportation, music, decorations and caterers so that you can keep your head in the business you are trying to run.

Training and Development

Why should you invest in your employees?
As your business starts to grow and you begin to acquire some rock-star talent, it is important to make the point to invest in their development. No matter what your product or service is, you need these people to help you take your business to the next level. Making this investment is beneficial for both employee morale and the corporation’s bottom line.
The training and development opportunities provided by our VA’s are always expanding. If there is a specific training that you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We’re sure #wehaveaVA4that

First Aid Training
Whether it’s an office, store front, or job site, a medical emergency can happen anywhere, at any time. The minimal investment of having your employees trained in first-aid gives them the skills to handle various emergency situations, should they arise. Our professional and trained First Aid VA can come to your office (or an alternate location) to train and certify your employees in many different levels of first aid.

Business Coaching
Business coaching could be very beneficial to an entrepreneur at many different stages of their business. VA’s aren’t meant to articulate what needs to be done, but foster the individual performance to help you discover your own path of success. Sometimes it takes an educated individual to step back and look at the business from a neutral point and offer suggestions to make it succeed. Together, you and your VA will help strategize and prioritize goals to help your business progress. Once a commitment is made, the VA will schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings to keep you on schedule and accountable. Our VA’s want to see you and your business succeed, and with regular coaching sessions, we can help you become a successful entrepreneurial superstar!

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