Personal Assistant Services

Personal Assistant ServicesWe know you are only one person and you are trying to wear many hats; especially as an entrepreneur. Our personal assistant VA’s can help you manage some of those tasks that seem to be piling up on the personal side, while you are trying to keep a handle at work.

Personal assistant services are currently only available to those in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, British Columbia. However, if you are in need of these services in another region, please send in a request and we will contact you when a VA in your area becomes available.
If there is a service that is not listed here, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Again, send in a request for a Personal Assistant and we will get to work on it. Hopefully, #wehaveaVA4that

Concierge Services – Personal Assistant

A personal assistant can provide concierge services like picking up dry cleaning, groceries, prescriptions, take your car to be detailed etc.
All those pesky errands that need to get done. It would take you a full day to run from one end of town to the next. Relax, we have you covered.

Make Travel Arrangements

For business or pleasure, don’t let opportunity leave without you. We will make the travel arrangements, lodging, dinner and rental car reservations all while you are busy dealing with your day-to-day commitments at the office. #wehaveaVA4that


Organization Services

When you really need to create some harmony and order in your office, it may be time to hire a VA with a neutral eye to offer ideal solutions for busy people.

Sort & organize, documents, receipts, files, offices etc.
Disorganization and clutter can cause stress to those directly affected. A clean, organized office is easy to manage and allows you to quickly find the things you are looking for. Then you no longer have to be embarrassed about customers dropping by the office for a quick chat.

Transfer to electronic file
Trying to create a paper free office? Not only are electronic filing systems environmentally friendly, but they are easier to manage. We can help scan, file, and maintain a system that works for you. We can also arrange to have your important paper files kept securely offsite to free up valuable office space.

Tax and Year end prep
Your accountant called, she doesn’t want your receipts handed in a black garbage bag this year. Our VA’s will help you get them organized in a more presentable manner.

New office set-up
Expanding your business? Moving into a new space? We can help you go in and make things work for you and your staff. Making an ergonomic and efficient work space.


Office Inventory Review and Ordering

When you simply don’t have the time to keep an inventory on your office supplies and equipment, #wehaveaVA4that

Equipment for your business is an investment. Let us help you source out the best suppliers at the best price to get the equipment needed for your business. Need your equipment serviced? We have VA’s that will arrange to have the best repair person in to fix it right away.

It’s more than taking a trip to Costco and stocking up. We will source, shop, and stock your supplies once or on a regular basis.

Design and Decorations
We have VA’s that will create an appealing store front, office, or work space for your customers and staff. Working within an agreed budget, we can help create an efficient, professional space.

Display Racks
Whether they are custom built or ordered in, we can help you decide the best way to display the important product and information for customers.


Home and Business Assistance

Retrieve mail, water plants, check in on small pets etc.
A house sitter? A business sitter? A pet sitter? We have VA’s for all of that

Wait on and oversee home services
Phone, cable, repair person etc. What is more frustrating than waiting four hours for a late, or no-show, repair person? Our VA’s can be your liaison and fill in for you when you need it.

Manage and structure payment scheduling
Never miss another payment again. We will make sure your housekeeper, landscaper, accountant and babysitter all get paid when they need to.


Manage Your Vacation Rental – Personal Assistant

Arrange keys, transportation, correspondence, billing.
Trying to manage a vacation rental while juggling your business and personal life? Our VA’s can be your property manager, ensuring things are completed just the way you want them to.

Advertising, housekeeping, maintenance, etc.
Make sure your vacation rental is appealing by ensuring the pictures and write ups reflect the best part of your vacation rental. We will advertise it in the best way possible and ensure that customers share their feedback. One important piece about maintaining an attractive listing is that your vacation home is thoroughly cleaned and organized after each rental. We will work with the appropriate services to ensure your vacation rental is in tip top shape for everyone new rental.


Holiday Help – Personal Assistant

Seasonal decorating
Don’t be the only store front or office left dark and blank at holiday time. Let our VA’s come decorate with appropriate and tasteful decorations. No need to take them down either. We will come back to remove, clean up, and store your decorations until next time.

Personal shopping for holidays, events etc.
You have made your list and checked it twice, now you are waiting on your elves to do their part. Even if you haven’t made your list yet, our VA’s will do your shopping for you, wrap, stamp, and send it so that you are seen as the superhero next holiday season.

From personal shopping to corporate gift giving, let us help you find the best gift for your next event.

Wrap gifts, deliver items, send mail etc.
When was the last time you received a personally addressed hand-written card or gift? Sending a hand-written card indicates that your customers are special and that you appreciate their business. No time to do this yourself? #wehaveaVA4that

Coordinate and make holiday arrangements and staff parties, Summer staff BBQ, Christmas social, customer appreciation event and more! Our local VA’s can be onsite and on-hand for your event to ensure everything runs smoothly.


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