You Can Do Anything; But Not Everything

How many times were you told while growing up that “if you work hard, you can do anything”?

So, you started working.

Then you hated working for someone else, so you started your own business.

Then you couldn’t help yourself but to take on everything because you thought it was the best or the only way to get things done.

Now you can’t do anything because you got too much to do dealing with everything else.

Sound familiar?

When it comes to growing your business, there are so many things that can feel as if they are holding you back. Up until this point you have being doing it all; however, your capacity to take on more responsibility is maxed out and causing you stress. The fact is that in order to grow your business it usually means hiring new employees. Easier said than done when you are an overworked sole-proprietor.

The truth is that we aren’t meant to do everything on our own. There are people who have made it their jobs to educate and train themselves in specific areas to help you along the way. There are those entrepreneurs that are great at what they do and their talent shines through in their products and services; however, their business skills may be lacking in marketing, accounting, logistics and so on.

A virtual assistant is trained to pick up in the area’s you may be lacking in. No need to hire a whole team of new employees and try to find the space to house them all. A virtual assistant works remotely and only on the specific tasks you need them for. You will be amazed how you can learn to trust another individual for invaluable support even if you haven’t met them face to face.

The other surprising truth about having a virtual assistant of your own is that it’s actually cheaper than you think. Quite often a virtual assistant bills their clients per minute or even on a task by task basis. No need to pay out training, vacations, insurance etc. Only for the full work that is completed. It’s a win-win! Even delegating an hourly task per week, will open your schedule to concentrate on areas that will generate more income for your business.

You can find a virtual assistant to do anything.  Or perhaps a team of virtual assistants to do everything. Well look no further, #wehaveaVA4that

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